Computer-Based Assessment in E-Learning

Computer-Based Assessment in E-Learning: A Framework for Constructing “Intermediate Constraint” Questions and Tasks for Technology Platforms. ‘Technology today offers many new opportunities for innovation in educational assessment through rich new assessment tasks and potentially powerful scoring, reporting and real-time feedback mechanisms. One potential limitation for realizing the benefits of computer-based assessment in both instructional assessment and large-scale testing comes in designing questions and tasks with which computers can effectively interface (i.e., for scoring and score reporting purposes) while still gathering meaningful measurement evidence. This paper introduces a taxonomy or categorization of 28 innovative item types that may be useful in computer-based assessment.’

Computer-Based Assessment in E-Learning

The Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment (JTLA). ‘The Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment (JTLA) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly online journal addressing the intersection of computer-based technology, learning, and assessment. The JTLA promotes transparency in research by strongly encouraging authors to include full data sets, analytic and/or coding scripts, and relevant software whenever possible in order to facilitate replication studies and secondary analyses.’

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 11:31 am

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