Clark N. Quinn: Seven Steps to Better E-learning

Seven Steps to Better E-learning. ‘Too much of e-learning is inadvertently designed to minimize effectiveness. Online courses often fail to engage the learner’s interest and what we know about how people learn isn’t applied, among other problems. Remember that the desired outcome of a learning intervention is a change in behavior; it’s all about doing, not learning. Our goals for any such learning initiative, then, should be to sustain that change over time.

Clark N. Quinn: Seven Steps to Better E-learning

What follows is a distillation of cognitive research on learning intended to make your e-learning more effective, and to create a better experience for the learner. These seven principles integrate cognitive and emotional components of learning, and the more that happens, the greater the outcomes.’ [via Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day]

eLearn Magazine. ‘eLearn Magazine is published by ACM, a not-for-profit educational association serving those who work, teach, and learn in the various computing-related fields. Founded in 1947 as the Association for Computing Machinery, ACM’s stated mission is to advance the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology. It is the oldest and most respected organization of its kind. eLearn is ACM’s first Web-only publication. It will build on ACM’s reputation by serving as the most accurate and unbiased source for news, information, and opinion on the now-flourishing field of online education and training. It also offers a community hub for e-learning professionals on the Web, providing a wealth of public forums for the free exchange of ideas.’

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 8:30 am

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