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The 5 Best Practices for Hybrid Classrooms

Hybrid classrooms, an increasingly common approach to learning in higher education and other school systems, combine traditional class activities with online learning features. Hybrid classes are popular because of their inherent adaptability, allowing for a wide variety in teaching methods and program concentration. When looking for benchmarks and best practices, several strategies emerge as the […]

Can Free Online Programs offer Legitimate Degrees for the Same Price?

“Free” online education isn’t exactly new. For years prestigious institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Yale have offered open courseware as a service to the community. Open courseware, while still useful for eager learners, has its own slew of complications. For starters, students have to more or less teach themselves the subject at hand using a contemplation of […]

Mobile Assisted Language Learning

Smartphones and tablets give students access to all types of multimedia. Mobile access to Internet services offers a virtually constant, uninterrupted connection to learning resources. Access to sound files, mobile apps, podcasts, and video files from around the globe make mobile technology ideal for any student who would like to learn to speak a foreign language through […]

Is Online Schooling Right For You?

Online learning programs are becoming increasingly popular largely due to the increased accessibility of this method of education. Benefits of Online Schooling Programs Also known as distance learning, online schooling has a number of benefits. These include: Convenience and Access for Students in Rural Areas – Students can complete the class anywhere they have access to […]

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