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The Wonders of Technology: How Technology Makes Studying a Whole Lot Easier

University students today have so many kinds of technology available at their fingertips that improve their learning experience.  Technology not only makes learning easier and more accessible, but it can make the process more fun as well.  Students can learn faster because it is easier to locate specific information with much more speed and precision, […]

Top 10 iOS Apps for e-Learning in Humanities, Sciences, Math

Whether you’re taking an online class or trying to learn Spanish before the relatives come over for the holidays, your iPhone is probably always in your pocket.  Rather than using it to text (or pretending to) on the subway, you can bite into a mobile learning experience—from anywhere, at any time. Most of these apps aren’t about those that […]

Online Graduates Versus Traditional Graduates in the Job Market

There’s been a lot of discussion and many surveys about whether or not employers view online graduates as equally qualified for jobs as traditional college graduates. The answer depends on who you talk to and is different for each situation. This article focuses on answering this intriguing question: Are there any advantages that graduates of online programs […]

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