Braided Learning

Education without complication. ‘Most teachers are familiar with the concept of social networking sites, but what can online networks offer professional development?
A paper from the MirandaNet Fellowship, a diverse body of education, government and industry figures, uses the fellowship’s own e-community to examine what online learning looks like in a professional organization.

Braided Learning
Braided Learning: an Emerging Process Observed in E-communities of Practice, identifies what it terms “braided learning” – how people working in online communities combine to answer a question or research issue posed. Rather than a homogenized report written in the official-sounding language, the resulting “braided” text comprises individual contributions reflecting each contributor’s unique perspective. No effort is made by the learners to develop the kind of overall style that formal reports or academic research documents would traditionally demand. Learning is immediate – online responses can be instant – but the knowledge can also be built up over time.’

MirandaNet Fellowship. ‘The MirandaNet Fellowship, founded in 1992, is an e-community of practice for international ICT policy makers, teachers, teacher educators, researchers and commercial developers who are passionate about digital technology in teaching and learning and about using technologies to promote cultural understanding and democratic participation. Currently, there are over 850 members in 43 countries worldwide. The website, online forums, seminars, workshops and projects run by members are funded by international partner companies and government agencies. Currently, projects are running with 2Simple, Frontier, Inspiration, LogicaCMG, Oracle, and Steljes.’

Updated: July 21, 2018 — 11:45 am

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