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Digitizing the way we learn doesn’t mean removing existing education tools. However, through the rise of the likes of apps, it does mark a significant change.  Taking apps as an example, these can facilitate the education of students across the board in a wide variety of subjects. Here are a few of what’s on offer:


Embrace your inner Physicist. Through the use of popular apps such as Monster Physics the indomitable world of Physics is getting a makeover and with it becoming more accessible. Monster Physics, for instance, allows users to build all manner of objects. And once the car, plane, or whatever the invention is finished, then it’s onto solving missions. For this app, it’s all about learning through practical experience, perhaps encouraging the next generation of engineers.

Got a lesson in the solar system? Then check out the Solar Walk app. Designed for both the iPhone and the iPad, it offers a 3D trip through the galaxy.  Travel from Mercury to Pluto and take in the different planets’ moons along the way. Then head out to neighboring galaxies. There’s information on all the planets and even some of the most interesting satellites. Attention-grabbing and interesting it brings outer space right into the classroom or home.

Conducting science experiments? Then, try the iLab Timer. It can set ten different timers which can then be individually controlled, with each timer can also be given its own alert sound too. For in-depth explanations, then check out the Science Glossary app. Suitable for high school students upwards, it provides a breakdown of scientific terms and link to other apps and modules.

And for getting up close and more detailed information on the human brain, the 3D Brain app offers an astonishing amount of information. Users can explore the grey matter, with the option to move around 29 interactive images. It also provides information on health issues such as mental health and links to relevant research. And it costs absolutely nothing.

Depending on the age, there are a plethora of different science-friendly apps out there. And for the younger students, there’s plenty of fun-filled options available. Cat Physics is a ball game which, aside from keeping kids entertained, also helps them to learn about physics.


Number crunching is more accessible and easier than ever before. In fact, with some of these apps, it won’t even feel like learning.  For an overall math tutorial, try the Math app by It offers a wide selection of levels, covering middle and high school math through to college and standardized test prep. With a choice of over 46 courses and over a hundred lesson in each course, the cliché of there being something for everyone rings particularly true.

And when it comes to specific mathematical fields, then there are apps for that too with the likes of Calculus Pro, for example, attempting to make calculus more understandable. It works almost like a one-on-one tutor, setting problems and giving examples on calculus questions.

Geometry students will be putting down their rulers and hanging up their compasses as this rate, with the Apollonius app. It allows students to draw geometric shapes. Users can easily navigate and move objects with the app resizing it automatically and your last geometric construction is stored for use the next time. Design students would especially love this.

And apps aren’t just helping the older students. Popular amongst elementary school teachers, MathBoard is suitable for younger children. Beginning with the mathematical building blocks of additional and subtraction, this app also moves onto square roots and cubes. It also creates quizzes, which can also be timed and saved.

Scoring high in educational apps is Math Bingo, ranked as one of the top 50 in this field. It uses Bingo as a tool to teach kids maths, with each correct math answer, giving a Bingo Bug with the object being to get five in a row.


English language skills are also being boosted from grammar survival guides such as Grammar Up to learning new vocabulary. Paired with more creative elements, teachers have found some to be particularly useful. Elementary students enjoy My Story which helps hone imagination and literacy skills through authoring and publishing tools.

Test yourself on your knowledge of literary classics with the Pocket Quiz. Or thanks to the collection works app, users can read some of the biggest and best-known books like Anna Karenina.

Learning a foreign language? Then put away that cassette or DVD and close your grammar book because, with an app, learning a language is fuss free and easy. Aside from the different languages available, you can opt for specific lesson duration with the likes of Spanish in a Month. Some apps are free while others are just a few dollars. But what they all have in common is the opportunity to learn a language affordably, wherever you want whether that be in the comfort of your own home or on a beach for some holiday reading.

These are just a taste of what’s on offer. There’s also plenty of apps available for all manner of academic and creative disciplines with photography, music, art, and history amongst the others on offer.

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