Anystream’s Apreso Classroom: Lectures on Demand

Technology creates lectures on demand. ‘A video-capture technology first adopted by network news outlets such as CNN and Fox News is now appearing on college campuses, including Harvard, Michigan State, and Temple universities, to record live classroom lectures and presentations and post them to the internet for students to review. University officials say the technology is leading to higher retention and greater experimentation in the classroom – and some schools are even using it as a recruiting tool.’

Anystream’s Apreso Classroom: Lectures on Demand

Apreso: Capture the classroom experience and publish it online. ‘Educational institutions the world over are increasingly recognizing the value of making course lectures available to students for online review. They enable students to improve comprehension and retention, professors to improve the effectiveness of class and office hours, and universities to boost facility and technology usage.’

Updated: July 25, 2018 — 5:18 am

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