Academic Scrapbooking as a Powerful Classroom Tool

Edutopia: Academic Scrapbooking: Snapshots of Learning. ‘A social studies teacher uses photo journals to make learning more personal and immediate for her students. Here’s an assignment: Grab a stack of acid-free paper, some glue sticks, and a few photographs, and set your students to work on a scrapbook.

Academic Scrapbooking as a Powerful Classroom Tool

Sounds a little like arts-and-crafts time? Perhaps, but academic scrapbooking is actually being used as a powerful classroom tool to help students better connect with the subject at hand, from lessons on ancient Greece to an exploration of themes of love in literature.

Heidi Willard, a social studies teacher and enthusiastic advocate of academic scrapbooking, describes it as “personalizing the curriculum.” Students get away from the textbook – but not the lesson – and complete a hands-on assignment that allows organized classroom movement and results in better retention of the material. “My experience as a teacher has taught me that it is the activity in the classroom they remember,” says Willard, who has used scrapbooking with both special-needs and traditional students.’

Updated: July 21, 2018 — 10:52 am

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