5 Useful Android Apps For Students

Gone are the days when mobile phones were just meant to be used for making and receiving calls and text messages because nowadays with the number of smartphones and iPhones available in the market, mobile phones have been transformed into PDAs. While iPhones may be synonymous with the image of a cool mobile phone, it is not an affordable option for everyone. Therefore those who cannot afford to get an iPhone can settle for smartphones featuring Android OS (operating system) which is just as useful as iPhone if not more.

For the contemporary generation, Android smartphones have become the friend, philosopher, and guide for students. They help them study and organize their study materials better. The following is a list of top five useful Android apps that are meant for use by students:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
This is definitely a must-have app for all students since it is not practical to carry a pocket dictionary with you everywhere. Dictionaries play a very important role in a student’s life and this app is best because it allows them to find out the meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of words with the snap of a finger or rather the tap of a finger. The app also supports voice search and the best thing about this is that internet connectivity isn’t required to use it.

Android Scientific Calculator
This app can be downloaded from the Android marketplace just like the other apps. Even though scientific calculators have evolved and they are no longer big and bulky, but small and compact, students would still prefer this app over their scientific calculators any day. This app is considered to be the best for students and it is free of cost. One can use it for calculating degrees, fractions, complex mathematical problems, trigonometric problems, conversions and much more.

5 Useful Android Apps For Students

Evernote for Android
Evernote has long been on the list of ‘top 10 must-have apps’. This app is not just useful for students but just about everyone from businessmen to homemakers, office-goers, and school-going kids. It is free and it can be used for the purpose of organizing one’s photos, ideas, and videos. As a student, you can use it for tracking your study plans, managing your study materials, summarizing your notes, capturing photos of the whiteboards, preparing timetables, capturing important notes and many more. Don’t try cramming everything into your brain and use Evernote instead to help you to remember everything.

Aldiko Book Reader
Given the modern world that we are living in, students are bound to use certain e-books instead of using the traditional physical books all the time. To view such e-books you will require a good application like the Aldiko Book Reader. This one allows you to customize, highlight and copy the text. You can also download or buy an e-book with this app.

My Budget Planner
Students generally have a hard time planning their budget because they have to balance so many expenses. Budget planning is required in order to have a successful financial life as a student and this app will help you plan your budget and manage your finances easily so that you will have money whenever you require it.

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