5 Situations When Online Learning for Adults Is Ideal

5 Situations When Online Learning for Adults Is Ideal

5 Situations When Online Learning for Adults Is Ideal
While online learning is certainly a boon for any person who wants the freedom to attend school and receive an education without having to actually go to a brick-and-mortar building, it can be especially prudent for adults who are dealing with situations that limit their freedom or mobility.  Below are five situations that offer people with limited opportunities the chance to learn in an online forum.

1. People Who Are House-bound or Hospital-bound

Some medical conditions, including complications of pregnancy and obesity, leave potential students feeling as if they will never be able to get a degree or become better educated.  Fortunately, online learning through the Internet gives them access to a wealth of information without necessitating that they leave their surroundings.

2. Persons Who Are Attending a Rehab Facility

Some rehabilitation facilities like 12 Keys Rehab disallow or discourage leaving their physical sites before treatment has been completed.  This can seem frustrating to the resident who wishes to further his or her education while simultaneously taking control of his or her life.  An online learning program, as deemed reasonable and not too overwhelming by the person’s treatment team, can be a great way to move past any addiction or condition.

3. Individuals Who Are Under House Arrest

If an individual has been placed under house arrest, he or she may still be able to attend online learning venues.  The only caveat is that the court may need to agree to the individual’s use of the Internet.  However, once the person has been cleared to go to school while remaining in the confines of a residence, it can help alleviate the psychological trauma of being under house arrest.

4. Persons Who Are Living in a Foreign Country and Wish to Attend Their Nation’s Schools

For someone who is living abroad, whether because of a work reassignment or a volunteer position, online learning is the ideal method to gain an education without needing to be anywhere near his or her country of origin.  As long as a dedicated Internet connection can be assured, he or she will be free to indulge in the wide variety of degrees, courses, and webinars available via the web.

5. Individuals who have serious physical or emotional disabilities

Although traditional schools are generally handicap-accessible, and those with disabilities are rarely turned away, online learning might be a better path for some individuals with certain physical or emotional conditions.  For instance, a student who is almost unable to go outside without feeling incredibly high levels of anxiety and distress will likely enjoy an online classroom.  Plus, he or she can tackle any emotional conditions while still furthering his or her education.

In the end, online learning opportunities can make all the difference in the world to people who, before the advent of the Internet, had very limited access to educational facilities.  Today, the world is wide open to them… and they never have to leave their computers to achieve their academic goals.

Author infoScott Huntington is a writer, blogger, and tech-geek who also enjoys spending time outside with his wife and son. Follow Scott at @SMHuntington.

Updated: July 19, 2018 — 5:29 am

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