5 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is Ideal

As smartphones and tablets gain popularity, methods of education seem to follow suit. With millions of devices in the hands of a large portion of the population, educational methods can expand and offer a venue of learning that wouldn’t have been perceived in the 1990s. Mobile devices give people a chance to continue education without being tethered to the home computer or a classroom. Online courses can be attended regardless of a person’s locale – as long as they have Internet connectivity. A large calling has been developed for this form of education from the public.

1. Cost Efficient
When one enrolls in college, a great deal of money is spent on books and learning materials. Although some of these materials will still need to be purchased, the cost of books should be greatly reduced. It costs nothing to duplicate a digital copy of a book or other reading materials.

Overhead for a classroom is ultimately reduced to nothing as well. The utilities that go into keeping a room lit, warm, and ventilated don’t exist in the mobile world. This should decrease educational costs exponentially. As long as the concurrent user licenses of materials and app usage are reasonable, virtually anyone can attend a course regarding any subject they wish for a fraction of standard education.

2. Timeless
Although many online courses allow a week or two for a student to complete course materials, time is less of a factor for mobile learning. The educational program can be taken with the student on vacations, outings, or even out-of-state business trips. No longer will a potential student have to crunch additional time into his or her day in order to continue their education. One of the reasons why online education has been so popular is because of the ability to learn with the little impact a person’s daily schedule. Mobile devices amplify that ability by eliminating the workspace as well.

3. Always There
Mobile education is like having the classroom in the student’s pocket. If the learning method is utilized on a smartphone, the chances are great that the device will be on the person most of the time. This means the student has access to the educational materials most of the time as well. There are no books to forget, homework to be eaten by canines or carpools to the campus. One can study and work in privacy without distraction.

4. Attendance
Schools are developing methods to utilize mobile learning and bring-your-own-device practices. If a student were to be suspended from school, he or she can continue to work on class assignments through mobile devices. This is also a great method if the student is suffering from an ailment or is otherwise unable to attend class. The classroom is brought to the student through smartphones and tablets in order to prevent losing valuable learning time.

5. One Device
Although this could be considered cost-effectiveness, a single device could store all of one’s classes throughout the day. Instead of lugging around a weighty backpack full of books from one class to another, they could all fit in the pocket of the student. One device could host a library of educational content, videos, and apps designed for quizzes and exams.

Mobile technologies give people a way to continue their education while eliminating many time constraints. For those who travel excessively for work, education and training can be taken with them. The possibilities seem endless with mobile devices and education through such means only enforces that we are in the 21st century. Innovations are being developed at a steady pace and learning while on the move is just one of them.

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Updated: July 19, 2018 — 10:37 am

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