30 x 30 Total Transformation Review

30 x 30 Total Transformation ReviewThousands of people work out in the gym for hours. After doing that, they even follow a strict schedule and a diet plan. However, the fitness that they aim for still can’t be accomplished. Now let me tell you that some people follow the training protocols of a legendary Olympic coach and just by exercising 4 minutes every day, they accomplish health and fitness. Based on this thought, science has invented ‘The Minimum Effective Dose’, which means that the lesser you workout, the better effects you get.

Smaller amounts of exercises can create the same or even better impacts on your overall health. According to some studies, if you follow The Minimum Effective Dose, you will be benefited in many ways.

  • Increases energy
  • Improves health and fitness
  • 3 minutes a day leads to an improved life
  • Relaxes muscles and brain
  • Prolonged benefits

Mindvalley, world’s best learning community, presents 30 x 30 TOTAL TRANSFORMATION for the people who wish to transform their lives. In this program, you will be trained on how to be the best of yourself by exercising less. 30 x 30 Total Transformation is not just about exercising but also about meditation. It involves some deep meditative audios that will make you enter the alpha state within seconds or minutes. In just 30 days, the program proves its effectiveness.

30 x 30 Total Transformation

To understand how the program can be beneficial, we must understand how 30 minutes of daily workout is more than enough.

Mindvalley believes that the world spends a lot of time on exercising and meditating in the wrong way. And since science has proven “the lesser, the better”, Mindvalley has hacked the way the world exercises and meditates. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise, what matters is how you exercise. The correct way to exercise can result in the best health.

Hence, in the 30 x 30 Total Transformation, the world-class experts guide us through meditation and exercises. You will be guided by the world-class experts from P90X, American Gladiators and The Wellness Hall Of Fame for 30 minutes every day. In just 30 days, you will see the transformation that almost seemed impossible. You’ll be so energised by the end of every session that you’ll enjoy working out.

Wondering why to meditate and exercise?

I know that many of you will wonder why we need to meditate and exercise regularly. Well, there is no law to do so. We do it for ourselves, our well-being. A lot of people who do it around you will tell you how great they feel or how important it is to refresh our bodies. If you exercise and meditate daily, you’ll experience the following things:

  • Deep, tranquil inner peace that leaves you feeling like a million bucks.
  • Better health, more energy and reverse signs of ageing.
  • Free-flowing inspiration and creativity that help you solve any challenge and shine in your career.
  • A deeper connection with the people around you.
  • A magnetic attraction to abundance and success.
  • Sleep like a baby each night… and look and feel great.
  • Experience the power of ‘The Forcefield Effect.’

Who will guide you?

  • Dr Fab Mancini will be your meditation guru for the next 30 days. He is a global self-healing expert, the best selling author of The Power Of Self Healing and a leading meditation authority. He has worked alongside personalities like Dalai Lama and has been featured on Dr Phil, The Doctors, Fox News and CNN. Dr Fab will make sure that you love the process of meditation and he will help you to transform your mindset and get into optimal states of mind. All of this in just a few minutes every day.
  • Christine Bullock will be your exercise coach for the next 30 days. She has been featured on P90x or INSANITY workouts, or on American Gladiators. Christine was voted as the “Hottest trainer of 2013” by LA Racked. Christine works out for fun and makes sure that it is fun for everyone around her. She follows the Minimum Effective Dose principle so that you get the best results guaranteed.

30 x 30 Total Transformation is a unique program

  • ELIMINATE YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS WITH DAILY MIND RECONDITIONING: Dr Fab’s powerful 5-minute “fast action” videos will help you overcome your limiting beliefs, and you’ll gain new ideas about your capabilities.
  • POWERFUL GUIDED MEDITATION: You have to plug in earphones and listen to the 15 minutes of guided meditation. It will help you to increase compassion and kindness, visualise your perfect body, have better relationships, explode your confidence, and so on. It will help you get great results in no time.
  • FAT BURNING 10-MINUTE DAILY WORKOUT WITH CHRISTINE BULLOCK: The 10-minute workout sessions will leave you fresh and strong. You’ll get flattered abs, a stronger core and more energy for your daily routine. Christine’s workouts are fun, fresh and completely invigorating.

30 Minute Sessions:

You’ll join 1000s of people across the world and take part in 3 simple activities which takes less than 30 minutes.

30 x 30 Total Transformation Review

  • You’ll watch a 5-minute video from Dr Fab. These videos will flush out the junk from your minds and make you feel refreshed.
  • Then you’ll watch a 15-minute guided meditation video from Dr Fab. These videos are best known to give faster results. You can learn how to visualise yourself better and become calm and peaceful from within.
  • Lastly, you’ll do Christine Bullock’s Minimum Effective Dose workout. It is fast, fun and gets your blood pumping. These easy to follow exercises will help you remain in shape and best health forever.

The Transformation Is Totally Worth It!

You will know it! The people who have tried the 30×30 Total Transformation say that their lives have been transformed worthily and there is no way they could have done it without the program.

  • Imagine, you’ll have a deep and sound sleep every day, and when you wake up, you’ll be full of energy.
  • You’ll lose weight, get abs and become in shape in just two weeks.
  • You’ll be able to experience a deep emotional balance and less stress which will make you feel more capable, balanced and present all day long.
  • You will enjoy the natural high of endorphins, without the fatigues and body aches.
  • You’ll almost never need to eat medicines again.
  • Your body will finally be able to heal itself.
  • You’ll experience major benefits by doing less exercise and meditation.

How Is 30×30 Total Transformation Unique?

There are seven reasons why 30 x 30 Total Transformation is not like other programs.

  • The Minimum Effective Dose theory has proven to work best, and hence Mindvalley’s 30 x 30 program works better than others.
  • This program is less time consuming than any other exercise or meditation programs.
  • If you’re stuck, the Heroic Customer support guides you and helps you through the process.
  • You can play the videos almost everywhere.
  • You’ll be enjoying the community that is full of wellness enthusiasts.
  • The fact that 30 x 30 Total Transformation is a part of Mindvalley makes it unique in itself.
  • The exercises and meditation are made fun through this program.

That’s WOW! I have never seen or been a part of such a community where health takes just 30 minutes a day and that too with maximum benefits!

Price And Discount:

30 x 30 Total Transformation ReviewHealth can cost a lot these days, especially if you don’t take care of it. It can cost you thousands of dollars every month. With 30 x 30 Total Transformation, you can make sure you learn everything you need for your health in just 30 days. PLUS, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars too.

If you sign up for this program today, you have to pay $199 only.

Later, the price will be raised to $299. So if you act fast, you can save $100!

Don’t worry, they’ve got your money insured. They have a ‘90 DAY TRIPPLE GUARANTEE’, which means, you can try the program for 90 days and if you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund. They will refund the amount unconditionally. The guarantee has three parameters.

  • Quality
  • Results
  • Impact on your life

If these three parameters are not satisfied, you can ask for a refund.

What more can we ask for? Mindvalley knows it all!

What Others Say…

“I’ve taught tens of thousands of people over the past 30-years how to radically change their lives by letting go of the blocks to manifesting what they want most. It’s always enlightening to learn and connect with someone like Dr Fab who’s committed to bringing these messages of how to tap into your inner power for greater success.” – Hale Dwoskin

“Christine Bullock is an excellent instructor. She does a fabulous job leading the workout, demonstrating the exercises and offering motivation. She is always cheerful, cues well and offers form pointers and modifications throughout the workout.” – CoffeeDish.com

To conclude…

With 5 minutes of Dr Fab’s mind refreshing videos, 15 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of Christine’s exercising videos, anyone can transform their health and lifestyle. This amazing online program is so easy to access. You can download the videos and watch them in your free time. Just 10 minutes of heavy work out and a little meditation, and you’re fit and fine. The money back guarantee should be enough to assure you. The users of this program have reported 100% success, and hence, I am recommending this program to everyone.

If you want to change your life and health, you have to act fast and sign up today. The offer is for a limited time only, so hurry up!

30 x 30 Total Transformation Review

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