2010 Horizon Report Highlights Mobile Computing and Open Content

2010 Horizon Report. From the Executive Summary: In each edition of the Horizon Report, six emerging technologies or practices are described that are likely to enter mainstream use on campuses within three adoption horizons spread over the next one to five years. Each report also presents critical trends and challenges that will affect teaching and learning over the same time frame. In the seven years that the Horizon Project has been underway, more than 400 leaders in the fields of business, industry, technology, and education have contributed to this long-running primary research effort.

2010 Horizon Report Highlights Mobile Computing and Open Content

The report’s format is consistent from year to year, opening with a discussion of the trends and challenges identified by the Advisory Board as most critical for the next five years. The format of the main section closely reflects the focus of the Horizon Project itself, centering on the applications of emerging technologies to teaching, learning, and creative inquiry.

Technologies to Watch: On the near-term horizon — that is, within the next 12 months — are mobile computing and open content.

You may also want to browse the Horizon Report Wiki, the workplace for the members of the Horizon Project Advisory Board to manage the process of selecting the topics for the 2010 Horizon Report or download the PDF version of the report (available in four languages).

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