Month: January 2007

SREB: EvaluTech – Free Resources for Teachers

SREB: EvaluTech – Timely, reliable, useful and free resources for teachers. ‘EvaluTech offers expanded access to resources that are aligned with the work of the Educational Technology Cooperative. It is committed to providing high-quality information to K-20 education agencies — states’ departments of education and higher education agencies— in the 16 states. EvaluTech grew out […]


StikiPad is a hosted wiki solution that gives you an easy way to organize your information and share information with others. StikiPad runs completely in your browser with no downloads and easy administration, letting you take your StikiPad wherever you have access to the Internet. StikiPad Examples

Learnativity ‘Learnawhat? Learn-a-tivity is the notion that individual and organizational effectiveness depends on learning better, faster, smarter and through the consistent application of learning, combined with creativity, flexibility, and paying close attention to the right things. This site introduces you to resources that support that learnability revolution. We have no products to sell here, but […]

Second Life on New York Times

The Ultimate Distance Learning. ‘Instructors say the Second Life class experience is particularly enhanced for distance learners. In Second Life, classmates and instructor don’t just communicate in chat rooms; they can actually see one another — or, at least, digital alter egos — on screen. Bill Moseley, whose distance-learning course for Pepperdine University meets roughly […] Online Degree Rankings and Directory and Online MBA Rankings. ‘Looking for online college rankings? Searching for the best accredited online masters or bachelors degree? Need to know who offers the #1 ranked online MBA among more than 100 options? Online Since 1989, our national distance learning degree rankings help consumers get educated about the […]

First International Workshop on Pen-Based Learning Technologies (PLT 2007)

PLT 2007: 1st International Workshop on Pen-Based Learning Technologies, Catania, Italy, 24 and 25 May 2007. ‘Handheld technology and pen-based input devices (e.g., Tablet PC, PDA, Origami-UMPC, digital pen and paper, graphics tablets, pen-mouse) provide novel opportunities to develop: a) More natural interaction and collaboration; b) Multimodal, multi-party feedback, and communication and c) Mobile learning. […]

Collaborative Coaching and Networking for Online Instructors

Collaborative Coaching and Networking for Online Instructors, Jason D. Baker, Kristin L. Redfield, Shauna Tonkin, Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, Volume IX, Number IV, Winter 2006. Abstract: This paper presents a model of professional development using collaborative coaching and networking which has been used to improve online instructor effectiveness. Components of the model are presented […]

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