10 Online Tools to Upgrade Students’ Essay Writing Skills

10 Online Tools to upgrade Students’ Essay Writing Skills
As an educator, you have the noble duty of awakening your students’ potential to express their arguments through the structured form of academic assignment. By the time they get to college, they are supposed to face advanced essay assignments with ease.

Many teachers assign projects without explaining the essential rules of academic writing. This process doesn’t have to be a burden, so you should at least try to make it as enjoyable as possible for your students. That goal may seem unachievable, but it’s quite possible when you find the right approach. The following 10 online tools will be a nice addition to your teaching methods.


1. Writing.com

This is the destination where writers feel at home. However, one doesn’t have to be an established writer to gain exclusive membership. The community is accepting for everyone, so your students can count on Writing.com when they need a place to share their work and get constructive feedback by fresh, creative minds.

2. Kathy’s Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

Kathy Livingston’s site is a great source of tips on academic writing. On this page, you will find a collection of online resources that may be useful when your students work on their assignments. In addition, you can also explore the links to find inspiration for teaching writing. The list is constantly being updated, so make sure to visit the website on regular basis.

3.The Easy Essay

This is an automated information organization program that helps students upgrade their writing skills. In the first two steps of the process, the users should provide the title of their essays, and the fact they need to prove. Then, they will enter 3 reasons why that fact is true. As they keep clicking Continue, the tool will guide your students through all stages of essay writing. Thus, the entire process will be more organized and less challenging.

4. Novel Guide

Literature reviews are possibly the most complex assignments students face. The novels that are being assigned for class are gems of literature, but that doesn’t make them any simpler to comprehend. Your students would rather read Twilight and Harry Potter, so it’s not easy to make the real masterpieces attractive.

This website provides study guides for most novels that are assigned at different stages of education. The search bar enables the users to find the needed materials easily.

5. Essay Forum

Students should always feel free to ask questions, regardless of the obstacles they are facing with the particular assignments. If they don’t feel comfortable discussing the issues in class, they can always find the help they need at this website. The forum threads offer tons of information about surpassing different obstacles. The participants can get constructive criticism and advice that will eventually guide them towards improved writing skills.

6. EssayMama

This is the best tool students can rely on when they need professional writing assistance. There is no better way for someone to upgrade his writing skills than to get advice by an expert who understands both the topic and the process of academic writing.

The educational blog at the website is another useful resource for students who are willing to improve their grasp of writing. The authors offer an essay writing guide, glossary of essay terms, great infographics and writing tips, and high-quality essay samples.

7. EssayPunch

At this website, students can find online interactive exercises that serve as step-by-step guides through the stages pre-writing and writing, as well as organizing and editing. EssayPunch also offers writing prompts that will spark your students’ inspiration when they find themselves stuck with a certain assignment.

Many educators across the U.S. have implemented this tool as a successful addition to their teaching methods.

8. Tom March Thesis Builder

If you ask your students to name the most challenging aspect of essay writing, they will probably point out the thesis statement. The foundation of the project is the most difficult aspect to establish, so the writers get distracted right from the beginning. To avoid that from happening, you can recommend your students to use this Thesis Builder – an automated tool that enables the users to come up with a solid statement based on their own arguments.

The short form requires input regarding the topic, and the writer’s main opinion and supporting arguments. The website also supports an instant outlining tool.

9. Hemingway App

Your students get the wrong idea that you would be impressed by long, complex sentences and words that require a dictionary. No matter how hard you try to explain that even the most complicated topic can be expressed in clear academic language, you end up getting papers that are confusingly difficult to read.

Hemingway Editor is an effective solution to that problem. The tool highlights sentences that are hard to read, adverbs, passive voice, and words or phrases that can be simpler. As a result, the student can edit the paper to a cleaner version.

10. Read-Able

When the users of this tool enter their text by direct input, they get the content tested according to five readability indicators. The readability indicators may seem confusing at first, but the website provides enough information on how to interpret and improve the results. This is a quick and easy way for your students to make sure that the work they are about to submit is appropriate for their grade level.

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