Virtual Schools in Europe

Online and Virtual Schooling in Europe. ‘The development of interactive online technology has enabled the development of online and virtual schools in Europe, North America and elsewhere. These forms of school education challenge conventional schooling modes characterised by the physical presence of teachers and students in a building using experiential modes of learning. This paper considers examples of online projects for European school students. It also discusses the reasons for the development of online and virtual schools, and differentiates between available choices. Some of the key issues associated with virtual schools are explored, including flexibility, reaction to industrial modes of schooling, socialization, students’ suitability for online environments, teacher training and professional development, the emergence of new educational paradigms, and the reduction of empathy between teacher and student. The paper concludes that virtual schools are likely to become increasingly attractive for school students and parents in Europe, but their characteristics may vary from those in other countries. A consequence of the growth of virtual schools is that there is likely to be an increased focus on the advantages and issues associated with interactive online learning.’


  1. oxsana says

    My name is Oxsana Krutous i have a daugther 12years old, we live in Egypt(original Russian)
    My daughter studied in American School in Sharm el Sheihk and she finish GR6. This year there are problem of virus ans schools here are closed for 2 month and there is no garantee that they will be open.
    We would like to find school for her online. For us it’s a new think and we have some questions. Please, can you answer them:

    – Which time she can start? (start month? half year? …..)
    – Which documents we need for this?
    – Way of paiment(we prifer mounthly by credit card)
    – How much will coast complytly GR 7( all standart programm) and half year?
    -Which kind of sertificashn you provide?

    best regards