Review: 123TeachMe – Learning Spanish Online

123TeachMe is a non-profit site aimed at those interested in learning or teaching Spanish. In this elegant and easy to navigate site one can find a lot of interesting resources on this matter.

For students, 123TeachMe offers Spanish lessons with online Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionaries, grammar and some specific vocabulary with pronunciation. Recently, the authors have started a section on medical Spanish for health professionals which will include a complete medical Spanish course, presently in development.

123TeachMe also offers a comprehensive directory containing about 900 language schools throughout the world. Many of these schools have special programs and/or activities like dancing, cooking, hiking, surfing, mountain biking or wine tasting to name a few. A Spanish Immersion Programs directory is also included. The students are able to rate each one of these schools based on their personal experience which can be a valuable guide when choosing a school.

Spanish Resources for Teachers is the 123TeachMe section devoted mainly to Spanish language teachers. These resources contain reference materials, exercises, quizzes and tests which are, incidentally, also very useful for students.

For visitors interested in developing their conversational skills in Spanish, 123TeachMe offers a link to Nu Lengua, where they can choose an online tutor. The contacts with the tutors are made through Skype so this software and a Skype account are needed. Nu Lengua offers straightforward instructions on how to accomplish this.

Other sections of 123TeachMe include travel diaries, a forum for site members, games and Spanish for Kids a section specifically devoted to children.

In short: if you are interested in learning Spanish 123TeachMe is definitively a very useful resource. Why not to start testing your level of fluency in Spanish?


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    Thank you for reviewing 123 Teach Me. The review led me to their site where I found a very impressive Spanish Business course. Business Spanish material is something I have been looking for and this was a great find.

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    Truthfully I really disagree. And its fine to try to learn Spanish or any other language on the net but really where do you get the motivation?
    I tried so many times to learn Spanish on the Internet or with special programs but it the end I never really got to the point of really speaking Spanish because I never got to practice, so everything was forgotten.
    I think the best way to learn Spanish is to take a course in a country where they speak the language.
    I work for and I really recommend a different approach to learning a language.
    Thanks for your time.