How Emerging Technologies are Changing Education

Emrging Technologies Online Learning

As technology grows it reaches into every nook and cranny of society. Education is a sector which has benefited tremendously from software and computing advances and will continue to do so in the future. Students looking to prepare themselves for a wide variety of careers, from physician jobs to entrepreneurial ventures, are now exploring a plethora of different educational tools and programs. Emerging technologies are actually changing education. Podcasts Producing a podcast is a cheap, creative, and interactive way to educate a global audience without stirring up privacy issues. Video podcasts can be shot and edited with a simple webcam and free software like iMovie and can be streamed across the Internet for maximum exposure. These days you can learn […]

The Value of Lecture Podcasts

Article: Questioning the Student Use of and Desire for Lecture Podcasts, Laura A. Guertin, Matthew J. Bodek, Sarah E. Zappe, Heeyoung Kim, MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, Vol. 3, No. 2, June 2007. Abstract: The use of audio files, specifically podcasts, has become more visible and accessible to students in higher education. Despite a lack of pedagogical research on the benefits of podcasting, several universities have adopted the technology of using audio for instruction outside of class and sharing of information. Although institutions and instructors have embraced the technology, have the students? A professor in an introductory geoscience course for nonscience majors recorded the audio from classroom lectures and made these audio files available through the university’s online […]

University Podcasts Collection from Open Culture

University Podcast Collection at Open Culture. Very good. [via Distance Learning] More podcasts at Open Culture: Podcast Library Open Culture. ‘Open Culture explores cultural and educational media (podcasts, videos, online courses, etc.) that’s freely available on the web, and that makes learning dynamic, productive, and fun.’

For the Weekend: Utopia Podcast

Utopia Podcast at LearnOutLoud. ‘Written in 1515, Sir Thomas More’s famous narrative describes what could be considered the perfect society, and questions whether a perfect society is possible.’ Wikipedia: Utopia. ‘Utopia (from Greek: “no place” or “place that does not exist”) is an imaginary island, depicted by Sir Thomas More as a perfect social, legal, and political system. It may be used pejoratively, to refer to a society that is unrealistic and impossible to realize. It has also been used to describe actual communities founded in attempts to create an ideal society.’ Project Gutenberg: Utopia by Saint Sir Thomas More

PoducateMe Podcasting Guide

PoducateMe – Practical Solutions for Podcasting in Education. ‘You’ve likely heard of podcasting by now. Countless universities, colleges and K-12 classes worldwide are using the technology to deliver recorded lectures, news and information to students. In fact, nothing has had a greater impact on students since the invention of the paddle. OK, I kid, but I’m also making a point here — podcasting has taken education by storm, and the technology cannot be ignored. PoducateMe features a comprehensive podcasting guide that reveals exactly how to bring the benefits of podcasting to your classroom. The entire PoducateMe Podcasting Guide can be read online free of charge.’