Online Schools: Enhancing Future Possibilities for the New Year

Never Cease

Even though it’s already February, it’s still possible to set a few resolutions for the year. A common New Year’s resolution is to earn more money. Unfortunately, many people believe the only recourse is finding a second—or a third—job. Fortunately, there is another option for many people that not only can increase annual income but also can expand opportunities: getting an online degree.

Financial Advantage
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reflects data proving that degree-holders earn more than non-holders. Any type of higher training or education can elevate earnings potential, and the advent of the Internet and online degree programs join improved potential with flexible convenience.

Not only do higher education graduates earn more right out of school, but they enjoy increased potential of advancement in the workplace which usually escalates pay scales, and many employers aid in paying for work-related education.

Multiple Degrees and Careers
Online schools often have flexible program schedules, allowing a busy student holding a full-time job to study a few hours each night for a career in an almost unlimited number of fields, including:

Education: Any grade, subject, or position—in the class room or the administrative offices—is available in the education field. Specialize in special needs education or mainstream courses in public or private education structures or in colleges and universities.

Human Sciences: Psychology, human resources, social sciences degree programs enable a wide choice array of career fields via online schools.

Computer Sciences: Information systems management, network specialist, IT specialist, and security systems manager are only a few career fields within this career option.

Healthcare: nursing, hospital administration, and physical therapy are only three possible career paths in the healthcare field for which online degree programs exist.

Law and Investigations: Attorney, paralegal, and private investigator are a few professions within these sub-fields that are enabled with online degrees and certifications.

Within these and many other career paths, the degree and certification programs available for boosting earning power are legion.

Only a few include:

Technical or Vocational Diplomas: Culinary arts, engine repair (gasoline, diesel, small motor, or motorcycle, or aircraft, for example), barber or hair stylist, professional driver, locksmith, certified nursing assistant, physician’s assistant, forensic specialist, information technology specialist, and so many more degrees are possible through accredited online schools.

Associate’s Degrees
Virtually any career path can start with an associate’s degree. Usually only two years long, the associate’s degree program can serve as a career goal or as an entry ticket into a specialty with long-term sights set on expanding it into a bachelor’s or higher degree.

Bachelor’s Degrees
Often a four-year program if studying full time, bachelor’s degrees can take longer to earn while working, but the earnings difference between an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree is often worth the extra time and knowledge gained. Some professions and specialties require a minimum of this higher education for entry level positions. Earning your bachelor’s degree online is an excellent idea since you can take classes wherever you are. You don’t need to live close to the school you are enrolled in, and can even take classes on the go.

Post-Graduate Degrees
Master’s and doctor of psychology (PsyD) or philosophy (PhD) degrees compose the post-graduate degree platforms. These degree holders earn far higher earnings than non-degree holders and have opportunities for highly specialized and high-demand careers. An ideal way to earn a post-graduate degree is online. That way you can continue your successful career while working toward advancement.

Continuing Education
If someone already has the desired degree level but the career path requires continuing education credits, online schools and courses from accredited schools clear the student with valid and valuable continuing education credits that can elongate a career.

Regardless of the career path a student-worker chooses, having a technical program diploma, an associate’s degree, or a higher degree from an accredited institute satisfies that promise. Earning your degree online is a great, flexible way to prepare for your future. Do more than just make resolutions. Take action and take better control of one’s financial future.

This guest post is contributed by JC Ryan. Ryan is a freelance writer for My Colleges and Careers helps people determine if an online education is right for them and helps them understand which online colleges and online courses they can choose from to reach their goals, including earning an online bachelor’s or master’s degree, or even an online PhD.

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