Mobile Learning on the Rise

The days of learning taking place only in school, at home or on the job are long gone. Today, you can learn anywhere you go — at the beach, in an elevator or even in the car … so long as you aren’t driving, of course. m-Learning, as it has been nicknamed, means you can learn anywhere, any time and on any subject. Are you wondering if mobile learning is for you? Here’s an overview to help you decide: Instant Access Thanks to the portability and advanced technology of today’s smart devices, tablets and laptops, you can have instant access to anything you need to learn, anywhere you are. Want to read more about a term you heard in a […]

How is m-Learning Impacting the Students of Today

The most exciting educational development in recent years is the availability of new technologies to help people learn. It is now expected that students will have access to computers in school, and this gives them access to an incredible number of resources. The most recent revolution in this new educational technology is m-learning. m-Learning Explained m-learning (mobile learning) is a resource for learning that involves using mobile devices. This technology allows students to access educational content whenever and wherever they need it. It also means that this material will be available in innovative and fun formats. m-learning is possible on many devices including: tablets, smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, gaming devices, and eReader devices such as Kindle. Mobile learning is considered […]

5 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is Ideal

As smartphones and tablets gain popularity, methods of education seem to follow suit. With millions of devices in the hands of a large portion of the population, educational methods can expand and offer a venue of learning that wouldn’t have been perceived in the 1990s. Mobile devices give people a chance to continue education without being tethered to the home computer or a classroom. Online courses can be attended regardless of a person’s locale – as long as they have Internet connectivity. A large calling has been developed for this form of education from the public. 1. Cost Efficient When one enrolls in college, a great deal of money is spent on books and learning materials. Although some of these […]

The Best Apps for Students


Students today have access to more knowledge sources than at any other time in history. As the Internet’s potential continues to expand, the education system is moving online as well. Digital books are replacing print textbooks, and mobile tablets are replacing handwritten notes. This technology helps students do everything from saving time to studying smarter. Educational Challenges There are certain educational challenges that are universal to all students. To get good grades, you must study effectively. You must be organized to meet project and test deadlines. You need to keep a calendar so you know what class to attend on which day. You need to make sure you have the materials you need to complete your assignments. You need to […]

Top Seven Android Apps for Online Learning

Top Seven Android Apps for Online Learning

Android smartphones can run many different apps that can be incredibly helpful if you are currently taking courses online. For example, some of these apps can help you learn and remember the material necessary to earn good grades, some can help you stay organized and on track and others can help with daily tasks like document scanning. You will be much more efficient and will be able to get more work done in a shorter period of time if you install a few of these helpful apps on your Android phone. Apps to Help with Learning Formulas Lite – This is a very helpful Android app for those students taking courses in mathematics, chemistry or physics – a category that […]