Starting an Online Training Program


There is really no limit to the usefulness of online learning and training. Human resource professionals, public and private school teachers, home educators, and professional trainers can utilize the internet and technology to reach students all over the globe. The challenge is to create a training program that is intuitive, flexible, and adequate. In order […]

Top 10 Recent Educational Startups

It is a fact that Digital Revolution has affected every aspect of our lives from learning, working methods, communication and our shopping modes. One of the live components undergoing remarkable digital transformation presently is Education. There is a lot of potential growth for education technology market and in the past decade, investment startups in this […]

5 Must-Have Apps for College Freshmen


College is a big, new world for freshman—dorms, unsupervised free time, advanced classes. Technology can definitely help even the most frightened of freshmen become acclimated to a new life. There are plenty of helpful apps for creating flashcards and forming homework schedules, but here are 5 apps for your smartphone to help with the rest […]

How Tech is Changing Online Tutoring

Railway Crossing

New technologies have changed education always and the current web2.0 revolution has made for significant leaps in the area. There are so many ways in which technology has made education easier, more engaging and better understood. For instance videos have made so many concepts a lot easier to understand than lectures or classes and digital […]

11 Great Less Popular Online Tools for Students

If you are a college student, you’re probably aware of the fact that you can use various online tools in order to complete your assignments with ease. However, most of the online tools that are well-known to students are outdated and don’t add any new effectiveness to your workflow. For that reason, we decided to […]