Helpful Websites for Students to Boost Creativity

You must be looking for some sources of creativity to write a good paper, learn more about your discipline or just get some fresh ideas. We have gathered a number of websites to help your creative juices flow. Are you ready for inspiration? Continue reading this post.

This website shares interesting content about creativity. Here you will find a variety of posts and articles that highlight creative ideas in different spheres of knowledge: science, philosophy, education, technological innovations, entrepreneurial ventures, and arts.

Students will find this resource useful since it covers a lot of disciplines and publishes interviews of famous educators, filmmakers, scientists, and artists. The Creativity Post will tell you more about creativity itself and inspire you.

2. StudentShare
This is a resource where students can find free essay papers to get ideas for their own works. Students Share is a helpful website for those who want to impress their teachers when writing yet another ‘Macbeth’ essay. From this resource, you can learn what others people commonly write on your topic and then choose one of the ways to compose your own. First, gather all the ideas and come up with something super-new and fresh to see how your teacher raises his/her eyebrows. Second, just get the best from those ideas not to recreate the wheel. Additionally, students can also upload their own works to help others with their writing projects.

If you find yourself sitting in front of your laptop for an hour, and you have no idea how to make yourself write that boring paper – start with browsing other authors’ works and get inspired.

Hopefully, you have a life outside college, and you want to explore how to discover creativity in it, too. will help you stimulate your ideas and creative thinking offering you to read reviews and articles divided into three sections: creativity toolbox, personal creativity, and creativity at work. There is also a fourth section, which includes creativity videos.

This website is entertaining and useful for you when you make a break from study. There is no better break from study than the one that lets you continue studying!

This website is a global platform for story sharing. Share a Story includes a variety of stories that describe human real life experience. All of these texts are divided into categories by various world regions. For now, there are more than 20 countries represented.

For students, it is a nice opportunity to read other authors’ stories and get some inspiration, especially when they are assigned to complete a narrative essay, a personal statement or a piece of creative writing. Moreover, if some of them want to evaluate their skills of storytelling and get feedback from someone (but not a college teacher), they are welcome to submit their own stories. It is obvious that creative writing is a helpful exercise in expressing your thoughts. If you want to see your piece among the stories of talented online writers – try this website.

Quotations Book is the first quote website that looks really good. At this website you will find quotes of famous people and be sure – they will inspire you to think creatively. Immerse yourself in wisdom and evaluate your ideas for papers and presentations. You can write a whole essay based on a single quote. Moreover, it is a good idea to start your article with a relevant and nice quote – this will grab your reader’s attention and make them continue reading.

6. is a website that finds interesting and sometimes surprising articles around the Internet. Well, nothing practical here, but still you may get some ideas for your research, especially when your tutor told you to choose a topic yourself.

7. is a website that helps engineers and scientists to connect their ideas and inspire other people to try themselves as creative inventors. It provides a great number of open-ended engineering projects for learners. Those projects are designed by engineers and are made as so-called challenges and problems for students to solve. Using this website, one can test his/her skills and bring the best creative ideas to reality.