5 Useful Tools to Boost Online Writing

We can freely say that the online universe is still steadily growing, now maybe more than ever. The growth is fuelled by the famous curiosity of Internet users, who tend to keep track of the internet technology through reading the available tips and tricks. With so much information available with the click of a button, we can agree that the Internet content is becoming hard to keep a grip on. But one thing is certain — there is not enough time to study all relevant information that’s been shared online.

For inexperienced writers, this can be a real issue and create numerous complications when researching for new content. If you just started blogging, the research mistakes can happen unintentionally and you can often find yourself missing out on an important story. The second thing is the actual writing and learning how to write interesting and appealing articles. Have in mind that online writing is unique and represents a skill on its own. It’s not easy, but it’s very valuable and time worthy. Luckily, the Internet has plenty to offer when it comes to improving your writing skills. Here are several tools that can help you write better blog posts:

Grammarly is one tool that you simply cannot overlook. Sometimes a mistake or type error slips here and there. With this tool, you can avoid these annoyances and enjoy having your content proofread. It is one of the world’s most accurate online grammar checkers. As you go, it will learn from your mistakes and adapt to your needs. In short, Grammarly gives you the possibility to write without stress, knowing that everything will look flawless in the end.

Most bloggers claim that they have a ton of experience in writing. This may be true for some, but not all people can brag about their writing skills since, nowadays, online writing has become more demanding. To help you improve your content, we suggest this fine app called Readability Score — a neat tool that shows you how readable your content actually is. It scores you between 0 and 100, giving you a clear indications on how good your text is. You simply copy and paste your content and the results will appear in no time. With its user-friendly design, it is a must-have sidekick for any writer, be it amateur or professional.

PDF OCR Converter
This PDF OCR Converter can help you a lot when doing research for a blog topic. It is a free online tool that converts PDF documents into editable Word files. For example, you came across a PDF file from which you only want to use certain pages or a piece of one page to help you pick out your blog ideas. Here is where the PDF OCR steps in. This tool can quickly convert your PDF file to fully editable document that you can later repurpose. Perfect tool to help you in the brainstorming process.

If you’d like to transcribe a YouTube video or an mp3, search no more. oTranscribe is a free web app that helps you transcribe recorded interviews by letting you place your own or YouTube video right by the text editor, giving you the opportunity to adjust video speed to your own typing style. It saves documents automatically and you can even send your transcriptions to Google Docs directly.

Daily Writing Tips
No matter if you are an amateur or professional blogger, writing skills are essentially your bread and butter. And there is actually a whole website to help you move forward with your skillset. Daily Writing Tips is all about developing your online skills and giving you tips on how to improve your writing. There are various topic that are usually covered, such as grammar, spelling, creativity, productivity and vocabulary. As some might say, it is a real friend in need.

With these tools, you are ready to start improving your blogging experience. They will advance your writing skills and you will feel more comfortable and confident in your writing.