20 Online Resources to Succeed in College

The college experience can be full of obstacles. However, it can also be full of excitement and new ambitions. And students should not feel lost. Today, the college landscape is much more supportive than ever before.

Blended learning techniques have added convenience and methods for eliminating stress. With the advancements in technology, there is now a wide range of accessible tools to help any student achieve success.

The following list narrows down 20 of the best online resources and tools. Review each category to find which best suits your needs.


  1. Help.Plagtracker – Submitting someone else’s work will damage your entire college career and future possibilities. Use Plagtracker’s unique checking algorithm to be sure you always submit original content, as well as proofread for grammar mistakes.
  2. Essaymama.com – This professional online writing service can help students with essay structure, proofreading and writer’s block. The site also offers free writing contests, a free writing guide and a blog full of encouragement.
  3. Rhymezone – This site is straightforward in its capabilities. Search for synonyms, rhyming words and definitions. The tool is useful for poetry, brainstorming and overall vocabulary usage.
  4. Prezi – This software is designed to help create unique visual presentations and links to all devices. Students will love the customization tools and benefit from the real-time collaborating features.
  5. Citation Machine – Remembering all of the rules for proper essay citations can be difficult. Use Citation Machine to be positive in generating proper bibliographies in MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard styles.


  1. LeftToSpend – Budgeting is not fun for any student. The Left To Spend app removes complex financial details by subtracting spending after a budget is set. And also offers analytical graphs so students can better access their financial priorities.
  2. Habitica – Students can use Habitica to promote their own self-improvement and to increase productivity. Users can stay motivated to break bad habits while playing interactive games to develop healthier practices.
  3. MyFitnessPal – Student’s bodies needs to maintain healthy structure so that their brains perform at their highest potential. Use My Fitness Pal to check your calorie intake and to connect with a large community of fitness support.
  4. Amazon Student – Amazon Student sign-up gives student free Prime membership for 6 months. Search textbooks and other academic tools for purchase, receive $5 for friend referrals and access unlimited photo storage.
  5. Google Scholar – Google scholar makes researching information a breeze. Instead of search tools like price or images, users can customize results by patents and citations. As well as save their data, set alerts and access metrics.


  1. WolframAlpha – This essential resource is a calculator and encyclopedia in one. It offers assistance in any subject from music, physics and chemistry to art, linguistics and medicine. You name the area of study; Wolfram Alpha helps you retain reputable information.
  2. Coursera – Coursera partners with top universities (CEO is former Yale president) to provide easy access to the worlds best education. Any student will be able to benefit from Coursera’s comprehensive variety of online course information.
  3. Crash Course – This YouTube channel includes10-15 minute lessons on various educational subjects. The videos are funny, whacky and useful. Take a break from the serious stuff and maintain study momentum by viewing a Crash Course.
  4. StudyGuideZone – The Study Guide Zone offers access to tests in mathematics, writing, reading, science and more. The site will help prep for GED test for prospective college students and also offers undergrad and graduate samples.
  5. LiveMocha – The LiveMocha global community (190 countries) connects through language. Students may facilitate their own education by learning a new language through LiveMocha and open doors that provide opportunity.


  1. Focus Booster – This productivity tool aids students by using the Pomodoro technique (short periods of study, followed by quick breaks). Users monitor projects and their assignment focus as well as analyze time management with visual graphics.
  2. Unstuck – Unstuck is a digital life coach that has an intelligent emotional meter as well as an academic one. Tell it why you feel stuck and the app will proceed to ask insightful questions to advise you on your situation.
  3. Trello – The Trello tool is the perfect source for college students who need an accessible, free way to maintain schedules. It’s user-friendly, visually appealing (similar to Pinterest) and will keep college life consistently focused.
  4. Beeminder – Beeminder can be expensive, but super useful. Set goals and allow Beeminder to track your progress. If you miss a goal, you agree to pay. You identify your incentive, thus creating personal motivation to stay on task.
  5. Zoho – Course loads can take up more time than your average workweek. Between class, studying and writing, a college kids life is busy. Use the Zoho time management system to streamline all daily activities.

College students today have little excuse for poor time management or forgetful thinking. With so many online tools and resources available to help, there is no reason for students to lose momentum.

Review these tools whenever you feel a struggle or overwhelmed. Each one can benefit any college student and will make the academic experience one full of intense learning, growing and overall success.