How to Engage Your Students in Writing

Your students can think of hundreds of reasons to avoid writing a paper you assign. It seems impossible for you to explain why academic writing skills are important for their future in any profession. However, you also need to make an attempt to understand them. How many times have you faced a writer’s block when you tried to write an extraordinary academic piece or unique coursework material? Instead of forcing your students to get inspired and start writing focused content, you should find a way to inspire them and make the entire process more interesting for them. The following tools will help you achieve that!

1. Oflow

This is one of the best apps designed to help writers get unstuck and come up with fresh ideas. Your students can access over 150 cool writing prompts, as well as tips that will inspire them to take a creative approach.
The app features a simple design that won’t get the students more confused than they already are. Oflow Creativity App can also be used for setting daily creativity reminders, bookmarking the best ideas and keeping notes. It is also a great tool to use for team projects, since it enables the users to share ideas by email, Facebook and Twitter.

2. Ninja Essays

If you want your students to understand what academic writing is all about, then you need to provide them with a good example. You expect them to submit creative, unique and focused essays every time, but have you explained how a great paper is supposed to look like? At, students can get all types of academic assistance by professional writers.

3. iA Writer Pro

How many times have you told your students that they needed to stay away from distractions when working on a paper? A simple advice won’t work. However, you can help them stay focused by suggesting iA Writer Pro – a safe, clean and distraction-free writing environment that enables an undisrupted workflow.
The tool lets its users start by structuring their thoughts and ideas without focusing on fonts, colors, and other unnecessary aspects. All they need to do is go back to the basics and start writing through a pure, Spartan experience.

4. The Brainstormer

Not all of your students are aware of the importance of brainstorming. They like to skip the initial stages of academic content completion and get to the writing part as soon as possible. This beautiful app will prove to them that brainstorming is not only useful, but fun as well.
The users of Brainstormer can choose between wheel and slot models that provide endless combinations of words and phrases. This is an exceptionally useful tool for creative projects, since it will enable your students to think of a unique plot, subject and setting by getting random suggestions. The Brainstormer is also a lovely tool to use for a writing exercise in class.

5. Hemingway

Sometimes you expect too much of your students’ papers. That can take them in a wrong direction – they try to appear smart by writing long sentences with unnecessary words. Teaching them how to write focused content is the hardest part of the process.
Hemingway is an app that can do that for you. Instruct your students to use it and edit all sentences highlighted in red. The app marks all dense and complicated sentences that get the readers lost.

Get your students motivated to write!

No, you are not supposed to give motivational speeches to achieve such goal; you only need to suggest the right tools that will awaken their creativity. Sometimes it is too hard for your students to get into the writing spirit, especially when they have to deal with other assignments and studying material in the same time.
The 5 tools listed above will help your students to start coming up with creative ideas and get engaged in writing.

Author info: This is a contribution by Robert Morris.

Image credits: Writing Tools – Pete O’Shea

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